Quality politics

ESB SISTEMAS, as a marketing and telecommunications equipment solutions company, has established a Quality Policy based on compliance with the requirements specified by the client, providing the necessary and sufficient quality, so that the client is fully satisfied and ensures their competitiveness.

This Quality Policy serves as a guide and orientation to the ESB SISTEMAS Management, which is responsible and acquires the commitment to implement and develop a Quality Management System based on the UNE ISO 9001 Standard, and is specified in the following lines of action :

Full customer satisfaction.

Adaptation and continuous improvement of our processes, products and services.

Improved relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements associated with our activities.

Training and motivation of staff to get their participation and support in the development and improvement of the Quality System.

Quality and its improvement is the responsibility of all the members of ESB SISTEMAS, starting with the Management.

Economic efficiency of the company.

By applying the Quality Policy to all areas of ESB SISTEMAS, we will achieve an improvement in the quality of our products / services.

To ensure that the implementation is effective and the fulfillment of the set objectives is carried out, the coordination of all the departments of the company and the participation of their respective human and technical resources is required.


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