NEW Passive Antenna 9014 2L 4M 0.5m

We would like to introduce you a new Ericsson special antenna that is extending the market with a great technology integration. Its small dimension supports easier installation with lower visual impact at sites.

This great performing passive antenna has reached PRM. Antenna 9014 2L 4M 0.5m stands out as a special solution which lowering visual impact on urban dense deployments. The product is part of the compact classification. Such a solution is requested by some specific customers but overall it is a great performing 12-port antenna with up to 4200 MHz frequency range which.


KRE 101 2570/1

65° | 2x 690–960 MHz | 8.5 dBi
65° | 2x 1695–2690 MHz | 12.5 dBi
65° | 2x 3300–4200 MHz | 11.0 dBi 
Deployment scenario: Compact

– Small antenna for urban dense area deployment
– Low visual impact
– In some countries installation without any license from the respective authority possible
– 2 x 3.5 GHz TDD
– 4×4 MIMO capable