KATHREIN-RTLS Test and Demo-Kit for only 999€

For a special price you can get the KATHREIN RTLS Test and Demo Kit including the software package, so that you can discover the world of localisation.
By using real-time location systems, you receive digital real-time position information about all operating resources for cost-efficient utilization on the store floor or in operations. By mapping in RTLS, you can e.g. create a digital twin of each tool, which tells you all current information at a glance: ID, position, condition, type, maintenance history, planned maintenance, and much more!
You get control over your assets and use them productively without wasting costs.

The limited hardware test and demo package includes:

4 x KATHREIN Nodes
2 x KATHREIN RTLS transponders
1 x Mounting set for nodes and transponders

Available for download:
– Wizard (for easy setup)
– KATHREIN CrossTalk embedded
– RTLS!Start 

This promotion is valid until 31.12.2022.