We would like to introduce you our New Slim trisector antennas ECOSDxxxx.

ESB has launched a new platform with small diameter 370mm with multiple configurations for different scenarios.

We would like to highlight some of the improvements applied in these new ECOSD solutions such as size and shape, number of antennas per site, low weight, aerodynamic load or low visual impact among others.

In addition, with respect to its small diameter, we would like to point out that it covers 3 sector coverage, independent RET per band and sector, as well as an optimum size for pattern performance.

Finally we must not forget the benefits such as easier site acquisition, capex savings, different camouflage options to suit the environment and its help to meet the requirements of reduced visual pollution.

“With the addition of this new product range, ESB complements its camouflage antenna portfolio by offering a wider range of solutions to its customers”, says Alfonso Aguiriano (Head of Sales & Strategic Sourcing).

If you need more information or would like us to provide you with advice on the different configurations, please do not hesitate to contact us.