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Exclusive Partners of the following brands

EcoSite®, mono, bi and trisector antenna systems
Includes antenna and structure with a low visual impact with the most innovative technology of the market


INTERNATIONAL PROJECTIONExtensive project experience and network deployment in Europe and Latin America

COMMITMENT AND COMPLIANCEThanks to the experience and capacity of our human resource, we can guarantee the best technical and commercial support to satisfy our most demanding customers

STRATEGIC ALLIANCESOur international alliances with leading technology companies allow us to offer the most advanced products worldwide

SCOPE OF ACTIONWe offer professional solutions in different sectors of the telecommunications market

Connectivity at street level
Antennas integrated in the urban furnishings into small spaces to improve the coverage and to increase the capacity of transmission and reception of data

LATEST PROGRESS IN CONNECTIVITYWe have incorporated the latest developments in telecommunications. Find out our most advanced first hand solutions

COMMUNICATION FOR PUBLIC SECURITYDiscover the latest technology in equipment to provide network coverage to Public Security and Civil Protection

SAT / CATV SYSTEMSWe provide a modern fiber optic and coaxial network to transmit large amounts of data

OUR CUSTOMERSAmong our clients we count with the main telecommunications companies and international telephone operators

FLEXIBILITY AND ADAPTATIONFlexibility of our human and technical resources allows us to adjust appropriately to market needs

More than 40 years in telecommunications
Since 1984, ESB Sistemas develops,produces and implements all kinds of products for the telecommunications market. Furthermore we are exclusive partners of the major producers of the sector and we work with the main telecommunications companies and with the major telephone service providers all over the world

ESB Group

At ESB Sistemas we want you to know our history of more than 40 years in telecommunications. Follow up our evolution and adaptation to different technologies that have been presented during these years and find out how we have become an international reference company


Solutions for mobile equipment and technologies, satellite GPS repeater antennas, mobile phone base station antennas, technological solutions for sites with low signal coverage. Discover all our mobile transmission and reception solutions, special projects and designs for indoor roofing


EcoSite®, our benchmark, reduces the visual impact of the installation of telephony antennas in rural and urban areas. Install antennas camouflaged in the environment. Look at our Ecosite® product catalog


Find out the most effective passive RFID technology. Multiple applications to improve the tracking, traceability and control of parts, products and people. We will show you our IoT connectivity solutions for the new Internet Of Things based applications


We have the widest range of Satellite Digital TV reception antennas SAT and the most complete range of CATV Cable Television reception and distribution systems from leading global producers


Devices for transmission of signals through coaxial cable and fiber optics. Discover them in our Broadband solutions


Antennas and systems for transmission and reception of television and radio signals. FM, VHF, UHF, analog and digital frequencies. Look at the section of Broadcast solutions


We are pioneers in vehicle antenna solutions with our full range of products in the section Automotive

Public Safety

In the Public Safety and Civil Protection section we will show you all the equipment to provide network coverage to the FM, VHF, TETRA / TETRAPOL and LTE-TETRA frequencies. We also recommend, plan and provide all necessary engineering for starting the production

EcoSite®, new ESB Sistemas solution for a greener world
Reduce the visual impact of your installations through antennas that camouflage in the environment


Shipping. Thanks to our buffer stock, we are able to send the equipment in a short while, guaranteeing the good condition of the product
Consulting. We are specialists in all the products we distribute, we have a Call Center attended by specialists who will solve all your queries. Do not hesitate to call us if you need further information about our products
Service. Our target is giving you the best and personalized customer service. We have been working for more than 40 years for the main telecommunications companies and international telephone service providers
Support. We have a specialized support department that will assist you in the technical issues can happen during the installation and start-up of all our products. We guarantee its operation to the maximum level of exigency