IoT/RFID Solutions

RFID PORTALWe design and supply custom UHF RFID portals, which allow us to fix the RFID equipment we supply (readers, antennas, wiring, etc.) to the characteristics of the final environment.

RFID TUNNELWe design and manufacture customized UHF RFID tunnels, which allow RFID equipment (readers, antennas, wiring, etc.) to be fixed to the characteristics of the final environment (BOX level).

INTELLIGENT UHF RFID SHELVESWe design and assemble intelligent UHF RFID shelves that offer full stock / inventory control in real time of stored products.

OPTIMIZED TOLL SOLUTIONS WITH AND WITHOUT BARRIERWe supply the optimized RFID equipment (readers, antennas and specific tags for the identification of vehicles) giving support for ITS environments.

PARKING SOLUTIONS WITH AND WITHOUT BARRIERWe provide the perfect combination of UHF RFID equipment to offer an optimized performance solution in parking environments with and without barrier.

FORKLIFT SOLUTIONSWe provide the necessary elements to equip forklifts with RFID technology.

REAL TIME LOCATION SYSTEM (RTLS)We provide real-time location solutions (RTLS) that automatically identify and track the location of assets or people in real time.