Smarteq Partner

Smarteq develop, design and sell high quality rugged antennas on a global market.

The company was formed 1996 and through acquisitions of Allgon Applications and Carant AB it was formed into its present shape. Together the companies have over 60 years of experience in the wireless industry and development of RF products is in their DNA.

The offer of innovative products in the market is the basis of Smarteq’s business. To maximize their development resources, they cooperate with their customers, universities, public and private research centers in order to shorten the time to market for new products. This strategy keeps them at the top of RF product development and helps them improve day by day. Smarteq has 25 active patents and is continually presenting new ones.

Smarteq is a Swedish company based in the Kista, Stockholm. Kista is the center of the Swedish IT and telecom industry located 10 km north of Stockholm. Smarteq has a subsidiary in Shanghai, China and a sales office in Eindhoven, Holland.

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