Schomandl Partner

Founded 1947 in Munich by  Artur Schomandl, this company has a long history and a well reputation for its product range of signal generators based on high stability decade oscillators. Between 1983 and 2013 they were part of the Kathrein Group and extended their portfolio with test receivers, power meters and test sets for professional mobile radio.

In 2015 Schomandl acquired Kathrein’s professional antenna portfolio for frequency ranges between 27 and 174 MHz. Since then they are the new home of a legendary product range of antennas for professional mobile radio applications. Together with their existing products for antenna testing and their filters and couplers for PMR applications, they are offering a competitive portfolio for nearly every demand.

Schomandl is designing and manufacturing all products in Germany and distributing it under its own brand name.

Contact us at or through our telephone number +34 961 340 797 to expand the information of these products