Cobham Partner

The Cobham brand is one of the oldest and most respected in the defence and aerospace market, with an unbroken pedigree reaching back to the 1930s.

The spirit and passion of founder Sir Alan Cobham thrive today in the pride and ingenuity with which our people develop advanced technologies for the real world. Cobham products have earned an enviable reputation for protecting lives and livelihoods, often in extreme environments, from deep space to the ocean deep, from the mountains of Afghanistan to the streets of New York.

Cobham vision is to be the most trusted global partner for leading edge aerospace and defence technologies. As part of that vision, in 2008 the company transitioned more than 80 separate international subsidiaries, many with a heritage as deep and respected as Cobham’s own, into the parent brand.

This move, together with a refreshed corporate identity and values which permeate the business, is helping customers, suppliers and employees alike to appreciate the breadth and depth of the capabilities available from Cobham.

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