EcoSite®, mono, bi and trisector antenna systems
Includes antenna and structure with a low visual impact with the most innovative technology of the market


Low visual impact antennas ECOSITE ANTENNAS

ECOSITE antennas from ESB SISTEMAS are a concept of camouflaged KATHREIN panel antennas covered in just one radome with a common internal structure. The aim of the ECOSITE system is to optimize the site with a minimal visual impact, avoiding social rejection and reducing the visual impact.

ESB SISTEMAS in cooperation with Kathrein / Ericsson offers a wide range of solutions of camouflaged antennas. Main Features:
  • Mono-, bi-, Tri-sector, arrangements.
  • Five slim diameter possibilities (330 mm, 450 mm, 550 mm, 640 mm, 800mm).
  • Individual azimuth adjustment per sector.
  • Multiband, Low PIM solutions.
  • 2G/3G/4G/5G technologies.
  • Single | Dual | Tri | Quad | Penta | Hexa | Hepta | Octa band solutions.

ESB Sistemas & Kathrein

ESB SISTEMAS has been working with the German firm Kathrein / Ericsson further than 30 years. Our partnership
lies in the design, production and marketing of camouflaged antennas. Kathrein is a global leading manufacturer of antennas for mobile communications, which allows us to provide low visual impact antennas with the most innovative technology on the market.

Product description (Type)


Cylindrical single sector antenna with one meter canister


Cylindrical antenna cluster with possibility to arrange one, two or three sector into the same enclosure


Mast Pole structures & installation elements for Trisector Antenna






Why ECO?

The interest of our customers in cleaner technical solutions increased notoriously over the last years, asking for highly functional antennas that are also in harmony with the environment.

ECO-SITE is primarily a product with a reduced visual impact that allows the deployment of base station antennas and their electronic devices, either camouflaged or blending in with the surrounding.

Our system allows the sharing of one, two, three, four or more mobile operators on the same site, avoiding the necessity to install more antennas and also showing OPEX and CAPEX reduction.

Reduce visual impact of ANTENNAS

Over the last 20 years the mobile communication industry underwent a massive growth, leading various mobile operators to improve their infrastructure and at the same time contaminating urban areas with antennas and other components (masts, radio links, passive elements etc.) of high visual impact.

The increasing number of high visual impact antennas led to general rejection of the citizens.

The rejection makes it more difficult than ever for the mobile operators to find a site for their antennas.

So, why not respect the architecture of the cities and using an all in one camouflaged antenna system that is in line with its environment.